Welcome to McKinney MUD 1

Welcome to the McKinney Municipal Utility District No. 1 website. Here, residents can find information regarding upcoming events, news, paying their bill online, district boundaries, the board of directors, public documents from the District, contact information, and more.

About Us:

McKinney MUD 1 (the District) a government entity, overseen by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The District’s primary activities include the construction of water, sewer, drainage, fire protection facilities, and road improvements within the boundaries of the District. The District conveys the water, sewer and certain drainage facilities to the City of McKinney upon completion of construction. Included within McKinney MUD 1 is a portion of the Trinity Falls Community.

How It Works:

McKinney MUD 1 is governed by five board members serving for four years. The board meets once every other month to manage and conduct the business of the District. These meetings are always open to the public, per Texas law. The City of McKinney bills customers directly for water and sewer service. The District engages consultants such as attorneys, engineers, bookkeepers, and financial advisors to advise and assist with the District’s operations and services.

Meeting Schedule

McKinney MUD 1 has regularly scheduled board meetings that take place each month. These meetings normally occur at 12 noon on the first Wednesday of the month. Agendas may be found for these meetings usually 5-7 days prior on the Public Documents page and at the Trinity Falls Amenity Center (7801 Trinity Falls Parkway). They are open to the public, and residents are welcome to attend.